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Cloud migration Services

Embracing the future: Migrating from on-premises to the cloud

What is on-premises to cloud migration?

On-premises to the cloud, referred to as "cloud migration," is the process of moving an organization's data, applications, and computing resources from their own on-premises (in-house) data centers to cloud-based infrastructure and services provided by cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

This migration can involve various levels of complexity, ranging from simply shifting data storage to the cloud to completely redesigning and rewriting applications to be cloud-native. The primary motivations for on-premises to cloud migration include cost savings, scalability, flexibility, and the ability to leverage advanced cloud services like machine learning, analytics, and serverless computing.

Our services range from on-premises to cloud migration

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    Assessment: Assess your current on-premises environment to determine what needs to be migrated, the dependencies between applications, and the costs associated with running them in the cloud.

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    Data Migration: Plan how to move your data to the cloud. This is done with the data transfer services or tools provided by the cloud provider.

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    Application Migration: Determine your strategy for migrating applications. This can vary from rehosting (lift-and-shift) to rearchitecting for cloud-native deployment.

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    Security and Compliance: Ensure that your data and applications meet security and compliance standards in the cloud. Implement identity and access management, encryption, and other security measures.

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    Optimization: Monitor and optimize your cloud resources to control costs and improve performance.

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    Testing: Thoroughly test your applications in the cloud environment to ensure they work as expected.

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    Backup and Disaster Recovery: Implement backup and disaster recovery strategies in the cloud to protect your data and applications.

Why our data migration services?

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    Expertise: Our team of experienced professionals boasts extensive experience in handling complex migrations.

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    Minimized Downtime: Prowesstics prioritizes minimizing downtime during migrations. Your business can continue running smoothly, even during the most intricate transitions.

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    Cost-Efficiency: We offer cost-effective solutions that maximize the return on your investment.

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    Scalability: Our services are scalable to accommodate businesses of all sizes. Whether you're a small startup or a large corporation, Prowesstics adapts to your unique needs.

Modernizing your business: Transitioning from on-premises to the cloud

Embrace the future of technology and propel your organization forward by migrating from on-premises to the cloud today! Don't miss out on the benefits of scalability, flexibility, and innovation.

Get started on your cloud migration journey now to stay competitive and efficient. Contact us to explore your cloud migration options and unlock the full potential of the cloud.


1. What is a cloud migration service?

A cloud migration service is a professional offering that helps businesses move their IT systems, data, and applications from on-premises infrastructure to cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud, ensuring a smooth and secure transition.

2. What are the benefits of on-premises to cloud migration?

On-premises to cloud migration offers scalability, cost-efficiency, and accessibility benefits, enabling businesses to scale resources as needed, reduce infrastructure costs, and access data from anywhere.

3. What is cloud migration strategy?

A cloud migration strategy is the broad plan a company uses to migrate its current on-premises and/or integrated application workloads and the data it generates to the cloud.