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Employee Self-Service Portal

Employee self-service (ESS) refers to a system or platform that allows employees to access work-related data and HR-related tasks without the need for intervention from HR staff or managers.


Employee Self Service

ESS systems can streamline HR processes, and empower employees to take control of their work-related information and tasks. Employees can use our Employee Self-Service to update their personal information, request leave, raise complaints or concerns, and perform various other tasks. The implementation of ESS software offers numerous benefits to both employees and employers.

For employees, it provides greater autonomy and convenience, allowing them to access and manage their personal information and timesheets at their own convenience. This can lead to increased job satisfaction and productivity as employees feel empowered. For employers, an employee self-service portal can help reduce administrative overhead and costs associated with managing HR-related tasks.

Employee Self-Service Software

The employee self-service functionality makes the users easily run their payroll, verify records that need approval, customize their timesheet, and so on. Also, it functions admirably as a notice board, ensuring everyone is in sync.


Payroll is a digital platform that empowers employees to manage their payroll information. It provides a user-friendly interface for employees to view their pay stubs, ensuring transparency and convenience.

  • Run payroll in a few clicks and automatically collect the payslips online
  • Check complete details of taxes, benefits, and deductions
  • Promote easy communication between your payroll staff and your employees
  • Get the HR policies and Form 16 in just a few clicks

Payroll By Employee Self-Service Software
Timesheet By Employee Self-Service Software


Timesheet allows employees to accurately track and record their working hours. By providing a user-friendly interface, employees can easily enter their daily activities and enhance overall transparency and accountability within the organization.

  • Time tracking system
  • Streamline your work from start to end and Customise your own workflows
  • Detailed tracking of how much time employees spend working
  • Consolidate summary views to display the monthly timesheet chart

Leave Management System

A Leave Management System enables employees to apply for and manage their leave requests. It allows employees to view their leave balances, submit time-off requests, and track the status of their requests.

  • Easily apply, manage, and monitor your leave balances
  • Simplify the procedure for approving leave
  • Customize the leave categories and view the holiday calendar
  • Streamlined Leave and Attendance Management

Leave Management System By Employee Self-Service Software
Team Chart By Employee Self-Service Software

Team chart

The Team Chart is a visual representation of the organizational structure within a company. It provides a clear and concise overview of the hierarchical relationships and reporting lines between employees.

  • Explore team chart
  • Look up current team members
  • See the organizational hierarchy of employee relationships as well as the team alignment matrix.

Centralized employee helpdesk

A centralized employee help desk is a dedicated support hub where employees can seek assistance and resolve their queries efficiently. It acts as a one-stop solution, providing a streamlined and accessible interface for employees to access various HR services and support.

  • Manage your support cases effectively
  • Ask inquiries and get clarifications
  • Track the status of inquiry and action
  • Raise complaints or concerns

Employee Help Desk By Employee Self-Service Software
Employee Relation Management By Employee Self-Service Software

Employee relations management

With Employee Relations Management, employees have access to resources, policies, and procedures to handle concerns independently, promoting autonomy and ownership in managing their work relationships.

  • Add/update personal information like employee photo, contact details, email address, location, etc.
  • Upload/attach files to your profile like certifications and awards

Tangible benefits of Employing an ESS Portal

Benefits Of Employee Self-Service Portal

Centralized hub

ESS portal serves as a centralized location for employees to access important HR-related information, view the company policies, apply LMS, update timesheets, etc.

Complete service

We provide a wide range of services with a functional module that can handle employee requests through a convenient help desk facility.

Increased employee satisfaction

The ESS portal allows employees to perform various HR-related tasks, such as viewing their payslips, updating their personal information, and requesting time off, without the need for HR staff assistance.

Better insights

Tracking work trends and performance data helps managers better understand employee composition, commitments, and productivity.

Data Management Services


Empower your organization with the appropriate software to enhance employee productivity. Our platform is designed to simplify the process. We are dedicated to providing you with a reliable solution that will make it easier for you to manage employee data.

Use ESS software to delight your employees


1.What is an employee self-service portal?

An Employee Self Service (ESS) portal is a web-based platform that allows employees to access and manage their personal information and work-related tasks without the need for intervention from HR personnel or other administrators.

2.What is the purpose of an employee self-service portal?

An ESS portal is designed to enhance the employee experience by providing easy and convenient access to essential HR services, reducing the administrative burden on HR personnel, and improving communication and transparency within the organization.

3.What are the benefits of employee self-service?

  • Convenience and Time-Saving
  • increased data accuracy
  • increased efficiency
  • Greater Transparency
  • Cost Savings

4.What is an example of an employee self-service?

An ESS portal typically provides employees with a range of self-service capabilities such as accessing and updating personal information (e.g., contact details, address, banking information), viewing and downloading payslips, applying for leave, requesting training, tracking attendance, and accessing company policies and other relevant information.

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