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Quality Assurance


Data Quality assurance services

Data quality assurance is a process of data profiling that is used to identify anomalies and other inefficiencies in data, while data cleansing methods are used to enhance the quality of the data.

Prowesstics have 5 years of experience in testing. We make sure that our testing solutions not only meet customer needs and also exceed clients’ expectations. With the latest tools and technologies, we were able to complete even the most difficult projects on time and within budget.

Utilize our quality assurance services to help you find bugs and fix them before they reach the market.

quality assurance services
ETL testing
  • Evaluate data sources and requirements.
  • Data acquisition and validate the data source.
  • Verify the table and column data types fulfill the requirements of the data model by performing a data count check.
  • Develop SQL scripts, provide transformational constraints, and design ETL mapping models.

Prowesstics offers quality assurance as a service and manages every step of the process, which includes:

  • Creating a test plan and strategy.
  • Evaluating test automation for the project.
  • Creating all the necessary testing methods.
  • Providing test results as needed.
  • Delivering regular test reports and performance reports for the QA team.
  • Monitoring and improving the performance of the testing team.
Data Quality Assurance Testing
  • Check for duplication, missing fields, and out-of-date information in data from different origins.
  • Evaluate the standardization of the data.
  • ELT testing is performed to validate, verify and qualify data.
  • To verify data quality based on availability, accessibility, structure, and completeness, create customized data quality assurance checklists.
Testing Automation
  • Make sure your testing ecosystem is fully automated to support the DevOps process.
  • Automate test cases with unique frameworks and scripts.
  • Improve your testing ecosystem using ChatOps.
Usability testing

Give users a greater experience by using.

  • Interactive user interfaces.
  • Good layout.
  • Interactive navigation flows.
Quality assessment
  • To assure the quality and adherence to coding conventions, manual code review and automatic code audit are used.
  • Checking your software's compliance with the current regulations and standards.
Security Assessment
  • Security risk assessment & threat modeling.
  • DB security testing.
  • Determining risk and severity.
  • Identifying the impact on vulnerability.

Why Prowesstics

Robust process
Dedicated team

We have a dedicated team of managers, engineers, and testers to deliver projects quickly.


complete comprehension of the project to reduce unnecessary costs and spending.

Robust process

We understand customer needs and focus on implementation.

Holistic method

An encompassing methodology technique was created to integrate the two functions of testing and quality assurance.

Highly equipped tools

Utilizing the top tools to give high-quality results.

How Prowesstics can help organizations

Test planning
  • Create a test plan.
  • Create a test strategy.
  • Identify the requirements.
  • Make an estimation and timeliness test.
Test design and development
  • Document the test scenarios.
  • Identify the test cases.
  • Review the test cases.
  • Prioritize test case and identify regression .
Set up the environment
  • Setup the test environment.
  • Test conditions for development.
  • Test cycle development.
  • Perform smoke test.
Evaluation of test results and providing reports
  • Set project objectives and priorities.
  • Implement the top QA industry procedures.
  • Delivery of a high-quality product.


1. What is a data quality assurance service?

A data quality assurance service is the process of profiling data to identify inconsistencies and other anomalies in data and performing data cleansing activities to improve data quality.

2. What is meant by quality assurance?

Quality assurance (QA) is the process of determining whether a product/service meets specified requirements. QA creates and upholds the standards for creating and maintaining reliable products.

3. What is the importance of QA service?

With the help of quality assurance, a company can produce goods and services that satisfy consumers' demands, expectations, and standards. It produces high-quality product offerings that encourage consumer trust and loyalty.