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Retail Analytics Services & Solutions

Retail analytics is a technique for gathering business information and spotting patterns and trends to help you make more informed business decisions. We have been involved in data analytics for 5 years and are experts in providing standard and advanced analytics solutions tailored to retail specifics. Analyzing this data will help identify emerging shopping trends, which helps in categorizing products according to various parameters like price, geography, and so on.

Enhance Decision-Making With Our Retail Analytics Solution


Driving Success: Analyzing Sales Partner Performance

Prowesstics helps to increase merchandise intelligence by better evaluating your stock and assortment, tracking consumer behavior, or identifying some missed opportunities. We optimize your sales through location planning, which can lead to the development of strategic sales promotions.

The impact of sales promotion allows you to effectively predict what might happen in the market. As a result, you have better control over the stock of goods. We help you to increase your profit margins and ensure a better consumer experience from start to finish. We also analyze products and transactions that occur across multiple channels.

Get End-to-End Analytics services at every stage of the retail value chain.

Retail Analytics Dashboard


We create clear and intuitive reports that help you understand your current position and provide information for further improvements.

  • Performance analysis by brand, channel, division, region, store, department, or other metrics.
  • Brand comparison reports.
  • Optimization reports on sales and data on the movement of goods.
  • Improve the inventory turnover, help to understand demand, optimize staffing levels.


Prowesstics provides comprehensive modeling and advanced data analytics to help retailers find quick and accurate answers to their business queries.

  • Comprehensive predictive models for products, prices, regions, stores, etc...
  • Pareto Analysis for problem identification.
  • Statistical models for risk management.
  • Algorithms for better merchandise.
  • Decision support methods for store development.
  • Innovation & Look back Product Analysis.
  • Budget to actual variance analysis to manage the annual budgets.


We offer high-level infrastructure services for data warehouse creation.

  • Data warehouse development to enhance the quality of data.
  • Inventory & Supply chain Analysis for the better quality control.
  • Bringing together data from several data sources.
  • Cleaning data and ETL to increase overall productivity.
  • OLAP and ROLAP system development.
  • Innovation & Look back Product Analysis.
  • An extremely large database.
  • Replication of data between the store and the headquarters.
  • Implementation of data security solutions to gain greater visibility and insights.

Why Prowesstics Retail Analytics Services

Retail Analytics : Sales Report

Detail analytical solution

We provide retail data analytics solutions that can help retail companies analyze customers and their buying patterns across multiple channels and geographies.

Actionable Data

Our automation testing delivers results for future solutions and capabilities by target segment. Every user can view the outcomes they need, from strategic planning through development, sales operations, marketing, and customer support, with our clear solution and customizable dashboards.

Strong ROI

Prowesstics is one of the experience management platforms that provide a quantified ROI driven by decisions made based on the results provided by our customer analytics tools.


1. What is retail analytics?

Retail analysts are constantly looking for ways to improve their business and make more informed strategic decisions. This includes providing insights into the supply chain, consumer behavior, sales trends, operational processes, and overall performance. It can also help to understand and optimize the retail supply chain as well as consumer behavior.

2. How can data analytics help the retail industry?

Data analysis helps retail companies understand the shopping needs of customers and target areas that have high demand. Data analytics is centered on providing personalized attention to each and every client . This helps you acquire customer loyalty.

3. What is the importance of retail analytics?

Retail analytics monitor their consumer demand and stock levels in real-time. It helps in bolstering the relationship between the store and its visitors. It allows the seller to get the right information to the right recipient and thus makes sure that the customer has a satisfying buying experience.

Example Of Retail Analytics Dashboard

Retail Analytics Dashboard of Order Inflow
Retail Analytics
Retail Data Analytics
Retail Analytics Dashboard Example