Industries We Serve

Our solutions are designed to fit your business, not the other way around – ultimately lowering costs and risks while keeping your data secure, compliant and accessible.


In retail business we are analyzing customer based data like purchase history,revenue resulting in personalized shopping experiences.

These super-sized data sets like monthly /yearly sales reportings,Revenue reports and dashboards that help with forecasting trends and making strategic decisions based on market analysis.

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Financial analytics gives a different view of a company’s financial data. It helps to gain in-depth knowledge and take action against it to improve the performance of your business.

In financial analytics we are experienced in providing Report and Dashboard development for different business scenarios like Monthly/Yearly Transaction reports, Profit & Loss, Loan transaction reports and others lending-related reports.

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Staffing firms routinely use digital information and analytics programs to access vital data and statistics, and there’s a reason for this: Representatives of these firms can gain insight into future trends while also learning from past practices. In staffing analytics we are experienced in providing Report and Dashboard development for different customers requirements.

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Call Center

With call center analytics, we analyze data to improve your customer satisfaction and constantly advance your business. In call centre analytics we are experienced in providing Report and Dashboard development like monthly / yearly call response reports and many more.


Logistics has facing huge no of data flows in every day with all the shipments, their weights, sizes, contact details or returns is generating an incredible amount of data that has to be managed. In logistics analytics we transform a huge amount of input data into a structured format as per user requirement.

Oil & Gas

Analyzing seismic and micro-seismic data, improving reservoir characterization and simulation, reducing drilling time and increasing drilling safety, optimization of the performance of production pumps, improved petrochemical asset management, improved shipping and transportation, and improved occupational safety are among some of the applications of Big Data in oil and gas industry.


The insurance business is mainly defined by New Business, Policy Servicing and Claims. In Insurance business analytics we are implementing Report and Dashboard development in the areas of insurance value chain, New Business / Underwriting and also Claims processes. With this knowledge, we can add a lot of value to the project, especially in the phases of insurance business process improvement, system requirements or testing.