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Financial Analytics Services

Get financial services for the future.

Ad hoc analysis that provides specific company insights and forecasts potential financial outcomes is known as financial analytics. Instead of using intuition, financial analysis shape business methodology through reliable, factual insight. We help businesses in modernizing global technological solutions and optimize new business processes. Prowesstics can help your financial organization overcome any technical issues in your business, from process optimization to risk management.

Obtain access to accurate and trustworthy financial analysis services provided by a team of financial experts.

Financial Analytics Dashboard
Financial risk modeling

Prowesstics offers a variety of consulting services that help financial institutions with the analysis, creation, deployment, and maintenance of models used for risk management, valuation, and financial and regulatory reporting purposes. We offer in-depth analysis and expertise in model development across credit risk, market risk, and operational risk areas.

Risk analytics

Our risk analysis solution helps financial organizations recognize the risk, take appropriate actions to respond, address the requirements, and improve risk analysis and management. We specialize in comprehensive risk analysis services in the areas of trade supervision, fraud, fair lending, and sales practices.

Risk management

To help financial institutions identify and manage model risks associated with models used for risk management, valuation, and financial and regulatory reporting, we provide a variety of advisory services.

Customer analytics

In order to assist financial institutions, we provide customer analytics solutions to improve customer engagement, generate new growth, and promote customer-centric business transformation.

Data analytics strategy and organization

Prowesstics provide a wide range of solutions for financial institutions to build out their data-driven decision-making capabilities more quickly and effectively.

Services for budget forecasting

By projecting or forecasting your expenses, income, and their influence on your profitability goals, our financial analysis solution enables you to measure your success in an objective manner.

Why Prowesstics Finance Analytics Services

Dashboard Of Finance Analytics
Advanced technology

We at Prowesstics have a team of experts who are highly versed in advanced technologies and can offer all clients fantastic data warehouse services.

Accelerate business outcomes

Prowesstics can provide a full range of solutions that make it easy to tackle common financial services.

Transparent access

Organizations may define strategic success and achieve their business objectives with the help of our adaptable models and qualitative approach.

High-quality services

We provide high-quality financial software development services and customer data security.

How Prowesstics Financial Analytics Services Helps Your Organization

Make your Finance KPIs at your fingertips

You will receive real-time information and be able to make precise forecasts with the help of a system-wide data analysis, an integrated overview of financial data from various systems, and financial KPIs.

  • Continuously monitor income, expenses, and profitability.
  • Integrated planning, budgeting, and reporting solutions.
  • Accurate budget planning and forecasting.
  • Improve the efficiency of business processes.
  • Create tailored reports for stakeholders.
  • Forecasting and managing financial risks.


1. What Is Financial analytics?

Financial analytics is a concept that offers different perspectives on the financial data of an organization. It helps provide deep insights and take strategic action against them to improve the overall performance of your business. Every part of your business is impacted by financial analytics, which is a subset of BI and EPM. It plays a crucial role in calculating your company's profit.

2. What is the importance of financial data analytics?

Data analytics enables financial executives to transform structured or unstructured data into insights that support better decision-making. Finance teams can collect the data necessary for a clear understanding of key performance metrics (KPIs).with the help of data analytics (KPIs).

3. How data analytics can make benefit finance?

Financial data analysis can help companies generate predictive statistics, marketing insights, and product development guidelines. In addition, analysts can spot operational inefficiencies and opportunities to reduce risk.

Example of Financial Analytics Dashboard

Financial Analytics Services
Financial Analytics Dashboard: Loan Process Overview