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The term "big data" refers to extremely large and intricate datasets that are challenging to operate, handle, or analyze using traditional data processing techniques and methods. The three V’s characterize these datasets:

Volume: Big data involves massive amounts of data, often terabytes or petabytes in size, collected from various sources such as sensors, social media, and more.

Velocity: Data is produced and gathered quickly, sometimes even in real-time. Rapid processing and evaluation are needed due to the sudden inflow of data.

Variety: Big data includes a wide variety of data types, including structured data (like databases), semi-structured data (like XML files), and unstructured data (like text, images, and videos).

Our Big Data Service

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    Big Data Consulting: Provide guidance on extensive data implementation and evolution strategies, along with detailed roadmaps. Offer recommendations for data quality management.

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    Big Data Implementation: Design solutions for significant data architecture, encompassing the development of data lakes, data warehousing, ETL/ELT setups, data analysis and reporting, and dashboarding.

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    Cloud-Based Big Data Solutions: Offer cloud-based platforms and services for scalable and cost-effective big data processing and storage.

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    Data Storage and Management: Offer solutions for storing and managing large volumes of data efficiently, such as data warehouses, data lakes, and cloud-based storage.

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    Data Catalog: Manage metadata to facilitate data discovery and support data governance within OCI.

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    Data Flow: Process vast datasets using a fully managed Apache Spark service.

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    Data Integration: Streamline the extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) of data for data science and analytics purposes.

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    Data Visualization: Create interactive dashboards and visualizations to help clients understand and derive insights from their data.

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    Predictive Analytics: Build models and algorithms that predict future trends, customer behavior, or business outcomes based on historical data.

Why Prowesstics For Big Data Service

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    Experience and Expertise: Prowesstics has a track record of successfully delivering big data solutions to a wide range of industries. Their experienced team of data scientists and engineers can provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

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    Advanced Technologies: We stay updated with the latest technologies and tools in the big data field. This ensures that you benefit from cutting-edge solutions that can give you a competitive edge.

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    Security and Compliance: Data security is paramount. Prowesstics emphasizes security best practices to protect your data and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

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    Scalability: Our solutions are built to scale with your company's needs, accommodating increasing data volumes and shifting demands.

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1. What is big data?

Big data is defined as data that is different, emerging at a faster rate, and in larger volumes. These are also referred to as the three V’s.

2. What are the Types of Big Data?
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  • Right ArrowUnstructured Data
  • Right ArrowSemi-Structured Data
3. Top 5 benefits of big data?
  • Right ArrowImproved Decision Making
  • Right ArrowEnhanced Customer Insights
  • Right ArrowIncreased Operational Efficiency
  • Right ArrowCompetitive Advantage
  • Right ArrowInnovation Acceleration