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Cookies and other similar technologies are used on our website, (from now on: "the website"). For reference, all such techniques are known as "cookies." Additionally, third parties that we have engaged in also use cookies. We provide information on how cookies are used on our website in the document below.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are text documents that hold small quantities of data that are downloaded by your computer device(s) whenever you access any website. When you return to websites or browse other websites that utilize the same cookies they will recognize your browsing devices.

Additionally, cookies perform a wide range of functions, such as helping the business in understanding how this website is being used, facilitating smooth page transitions, maintaining your preferences, and generally enhancing your browser experience. Cookies also make sure that the online advertising you see is much more relevant to you and your preferences.

How does our Site use Cookies?

To better serve content based on your profile and to identify user behavior, we may utilize information obtained via cookies. This will make it more convenient for site visitors.

Different forms of cookies used on our site

We've provided information on the different kinds of cookies used on our website, along with other pertinent and helpful information on the cookies.

Strictly Necessary Cookies

These cookies are important because they let you utilize the website's features, such as accessing secure areas and navigating the website. The services you have requested cannot be provided without these cookies. These cookies don't collect information about you; instead, they are used for marketing or to keep track of your online activities.

Functional or technical cookies

Some cookies make sure that specific website features function effectively and that your user preferences are remembered. We facilitate your use of our website by putting functional cookies on your computer. You need not continually enter the same details every time you browse our website. We might place these cookies without your authorization.

Marketing/Tracking cookies

Cookies or any other type of local storage used to generate user profile pages to exhibit advertising or to track users on this website or across other websites for branding purposes are known as marketing/tracking cookies.

Performance Cookies

These cookies collect data regarding how you use a website, for example, which web pages you browse most often and whether you receive error messages from specific pages. These cookies will not be used to target you for online marketing purposes. We cannot evaluate how our website is performing without these cookies and make relevant enhancements that may improve your browsing experience.

Other cookies

On our website, we may sometimes use other services that could leave cookies on your computer. We will upgrade this cookie policy with additional information if we add new services or make changes.

Enabling/ disabiling/ deleting cookies

Cookies can be deleted manually or automatically using your web browser. You can also choose specific cookies that should not be placed. Another alternative is to configure your web browser such that you are notified each time a cookie is placed.

Remember that if all cookies are disabled, our website may not function properly. If you erase cookies from your browser, they will be loaded again following your confirmation the next time you access our websites.

Contact details

If you have any queries regarding these cookies, feel free to contact us at (+65) 98375123 or