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Staffing Analytics Services

Digital information and analytics programs allow staffing firms to use data and statistics to gain insight into future trends and learn from past practices. When staffing analytics is used properly it helps firms to achieve success and become more competitive. With the help of Prowesstics staffing analytics, you can stimulate lead generation and build strong client relationships.

Get End-to-End Recruitment Analytics services at every stage of the hiring process to improve your talent pipeline.

Why Prowesstics Retail Analytics Services
Pipeline analytics

Pipeline analytics provide visibility into every stage of the hiring process and quickly identify where hurdles/opportunities lie. Candidate data can provide insight into what is working and what is not working in the hiring process.

KPI Analytics

KPIs are used to measure performance in the recruitment process. They can highlight areas for growth and demonstrate the value and return on investment of particular recruiting initiatives.

Executive summary Analytics

Our executive summary gives a quick overview of the key ideas in a longer report.

Leader Board & Scorecard

A staffing scorecard is a strategic measurement system that helps measure, manage, and improve your business. Our staffing analytics scorecard is designed to measure business performance. With the help of that, we can predict the future growth of a business.

Client Analytics

We offer a systematic analysis of an organization’s customer data and behavior to identify, entice, and keep the most profitable clients.

Recruiter Productivity and History analysis

Recruitment KPIs are used to measure recruitment performance and process. They can find areas for improvement and show value and return on investment for specific recruiting efforts. In addition, our historical analysis uses information gathered from tracking individuals over time, concentrating on events occurring for the individuals.

Customer Satisfaction Analysis

Our customer satisfaction analysis includes surveys and evaluations that can help companies determine how to improve or change their services.

Employee Relationship Analysis

Our employee relationship analysis aims to determine the perceived relationship between employee relations management practices and employee job satisfaction. With this employee relationship analytics, you can maintain positive, constructive relationships with employees and hopes to keep employees loyal and more engaged in their work.

Attrition Analytics

Employee attrition analytics specifically focuses on identifying why employees voluntarily leave, and what might have prevented them from leaving, and we can use the data to predict attrition risk.

Redeployment Analysis

Our redeployment analysis describes the restructuring of employee capacities. Our analysis helps organizations to find a reason why employees move from one job or role to another.

Dynamic & Static RLS

RLS is a feature added to your server. Row-level security with BI tools is used to restrict data access to specific users. Mail automation for the unsubscribed employee using power automate. Filters restrict access to row-level data that is defined within roles in BI Desktop.

Leverage The Power Of People Analytics In Business

An organization's success depends on how well its employees are maintained. It might be difficult for many firms to ensure successful and efficient people operations in their workspace due to specific business uncertainty and complexities that exist.

People analytics offers data-driven insight for workplace strategic planning, such that talents could be maintained and enhanced to achieve unique business goals. Prowesstics people analytics services help you to increase your talent pipeline and maximize your workforce and support your company objectives.

Explore People Analytics

Why Prowesstics Staffing Analytics Services

  • Prowesstics staffing analytics are proficient in planning and forecasting relevant solutions to specific organizational problems that promote easy collaboration and help businesses achieve more accurate and faster results.
  • Our data analysts have been trained to develop the most affordable solutions that support strengthening loss prevention measures and preserve company resources.
  • We are well versed in business intelligence platforms.
  • By harnessing the potential of data, we have unique access to visualization that provides actionable insights that enable organizations to be prepared for any situation and make confident decisions – accurately and really fast.

How Prowesstics Staffing Analytics helps your organization's

The top-tier services for staffing analytics are offered by Prowesstics. We recognize and value the potential of accurate data analysis. Our staffing analytics help staffing companies track the success of marketing campaigns and make critical business decisions.

Prowesstics staffing analytics provide businesses with deep insights to help them make decisions with confidence about everything from growing their businesses significantly with a profound impact on ROI to providing real-time asset protection, among other things. Based on current requirements, we offer scalability and flexibility in staffing services.


1. What is staffing analytics?

Recruitment analytics is a combination of data and predictive analytics that enables you to make better and faster-hiring decisions. You can use analytics tools to examine every aspect of your business, transform data into insights, and enhance your hiring practices.

2. How staffing analytics can help your company?

Digital intelligence and analytics programs allow staffing firms to use big data and statistics to gain insight into future trends and learn from past practices. Analytics enables staffing firms to measure return on investment, monitor the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and make important business decisions.

3. What is the importance of staffing analytics?

Analytics enables staffing firms to

  • Measure ROI.
  • Track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
  • Make important business decisions.
  • Help make better data-driven decisions in sourcing, selection, and hiring.

Staffing Analytics

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