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Understanding The Root Causes Of Order Delivery Related Issues In The Retail Industry


Nowadays retailers tend to create value, strengthen trust and enrich the customer experience by offering on-time and fast delivery services. Our client is a leading manufacturer in fluid system connection technology in Germany and they wanted to understand the root cause of common order and delivery issues and enable decision-making by identifying gaps. They lacked a strong platform to drive analytics use cases for customer growth and retention.


Since the company’s core business is dealing with providing sales and services for its products, any error or delay could cause a negative impact on its credibility. Nowadays customers are more likely to hold retailers responsible for delays. We identified that they faced many problems in understanding their orders, shipment, and delivery.

Prowesstics’s Data Warehouse and reporting solutions focused on

  • The areas of delayed orders and delivery reliabilities.
  • Latest start time, and the promised delivery time.
  • Issues in complex data acquisition processes and different data access protocols.

To solve this, they wanted a systematic approach to the analysis method; a way to handle a complex system with a global point to identifying the suitable data model aligned to their business objectives and then building a core data store that can provide generalized and automated solutions for all their analytics needs.

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THE SOLUTION- Established a centralized approach

SAfter analyzing, we provide the customer with the view that the problem caused by the order delay is based on dimensions such as sales products, sales territory, sales partner, and shipping partner.

We've implemented a centralized approach through

  • Discovery
  • Analysis
  • Development
  • Deployment – encompassing data engineering and data science

We have examined the data quality and understood the multiple factors (supply, demand, and time) that affect order delivery. Examining the data quality, in turn, improves confidence in data, eradicates errors, and lowers the risk.

THE OUTCOME – On-Time Delivery Performance improved

Our approach helped them to find below metrics

  • Improve on-time delivery
  • Reduces complaints related to delivery issues
  • Increases their CRR (customer retention rate)

Customer retention analytics not only help them to avoid losing customers and also help to build the loyalty that encourages them to return to purchase your product or services over and over to maximize their potential growth. Positive results showed that order delay was reduced, and as a result, on-time delivery performance improved.